About Emminger

I would like to introduce you to the Emminger Corporation and the products and services that we provide. As a company, we have been in business for over 38 years and our management team has well over 200 years of combined experience in the building industry. We specialize in design consultation, manufacture, and installation of commercial millwork for corporate offices, work centers, communication and conference rooms; food service facilities, medical offices, retail banking outlets, as well as university common areas and lecture halls among others. 

The company was originally established as a design/build general contracting business in the mid 1970’s with an emphasis on high-end custom residential and retail store construction. After ten years of establishing a reputation for producing projects that became known for high quality and style with many of them photographed and featured in several popular lifestyle magazines and books, we formed the corporation and opened an in-house millwork shop out of the need to have maximum control over the innovative design and quality of the manufacturing process for the cabinetry and millwork required for our clients projects. 

Today, with our high level of experience and reputation for design ingenuity, coupled with our acute attention to end-user feed back, we are often called upon to problem solve a wide range of project issues from the aesthetic and ergonomic to efficient work flow and access for disabled persons. We also bring to our client's projects our long experience in the use of a wide range of traditional to state-of-the-art construction materials in addition to our ability to orchestrate and manage multi-site and national project roll-outs and real property corporation image makeover campaigns. 

The Emminger Corporation is an organization dedicated to quality, value, and service. Because of our long established track record, we are often used as consultants to architects and commercial designers to assist in project development and cost/value engineering. 


I look forward to bringing quality and value to your project. 

Philip Emminger, 

President, Founder